Master in Science (Information Technology)
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Web Developer
Sijison Incorporated                                                                                          Jan 2009 – Jan 2010

  • Designed & Maintaining the Sijison Inc’s website.
  • Analyzed, designed & developed the employment site in PHP/MySQL with CMS.
  • Designed & developed this website in PHP/MySQL/Flash with Admin Panel.
  • Participated in the coding of this project in PHP/MySQL.
  • Designed & developed this website in PHP/MySQL/Flash.

Assistant Director (IT)
National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC)                                       Jan 2006 – Oct 2008

  • Developed and maintained official website of NTDC.
  • Developed the official website of Water & Power Development Authority.
  • Human Resource Management System: Analyzed, designed & developed Human Resource system for NTDC in PHP & MySql.
  • NPCC Daily Log System: Analyzed, designed & developed NPCC Daily Log System in PHP & MySql. Data enters on hourly basis from central location and can be viewed in graphical and data mode.
  • Online Job Application Management System: Analyzed, designed & developed an application in PHP & MySql for the collection & processing of job applications for HR & Admin department of NTDC.
  • Declaration of Assets System: Analyzed, designed & developed an application in PHP & MySql.

Web Developer / SEO (Part Time)
Frontline Travel (Pvt.) Limited - (London)                                                      Jan 2007 – Feb 2008

  • Designed following websites and improved their rankings in Google and major search engines.
  • Analysed & developed a Flights Reservation System in PHP & SQL Server.

Web Engineer
American IT Incorporated,                                                                             Jan 2003 – Dec 2005

  • A website of American IT Incorporated offering their products & services.
  • Community Connexions (
    20,000 ASP pages website that is routed and published through Anchorpersons, Editors, Regional Editors and Community Administrator, having runtime created control panels. Other services of this website are: Flash Intro (3 min), My Calendar, My Mail, Events & Celebrations, Connexions Yard Sale, Match & Marry, Careers, Consumer & Professional, C-Friends, Rent-a-house, E-Café & E-Snacks.
  • A.I.T. Plug & Play Web-Software (CMS)
    Developed a  complete software for American IT Incorporated, in ASP, in which they can manage to build a web solutions for Real Estates, Stores (with credit card varification), Restaurants, Photo Studios, Hospitals, and Colleges on just plug & play basis. This software has 2 control panels, one for AIT Incorporated from where they can create & customize the new web solution and other for the client who can anytime change the categories or inventory or build or remove pages along with the whole layout.
  • (U.S.A.)
    Developed a B2C website in ASP integrated with PayPal for credit card verification and payment.
  • (U.S.A.)
    Developed a dynamic B2C website in ASP / SQL Server for the Configuration of Countertop.
  • (U.S.A)
    Developed a generalised system in ASP and a website using XUpload that has the feature to upload the whole folder of pictures along with their entries in database.
  • (U.S.A): Developed a website for Bridgewater Limousine (U.S.A.).

Computer Programmer / Web Developer
Omega Softec                                                                                                Feb 2000 – Nov 2002

  • Analyzed, designed and developed a Generalized Accounting System using VB & SQL Server.
  • Analyzed, designed and developed an Integrated Inventory Control System in VB & SQL Server.
  • Participated in the development of Communicator Profile System in VB & SQL Server.
  • Participated in the development of Payroll & Order Tracking System in Visual Basic & SQL Server.
  • Analyzed and developed Institute Management System using Visual Basic and SQL Server.
  • Designed a website for Gulab Devi hospital (

Freelance Projects

  • (Canada): Developed a Telecom business website in PHP & MySQL.
  • Designed a website for monthly magazine with Flash Preview.
  • Designed a Flash website for Happa Studios.
  • Designed a Flash website based on Client Management & Public Relations.

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